Creating greenery is a duty of all of us

Creating greenery is a duty of all of us

Creating greenery is a duty of all of us

Creating greenery is a duty of all of us as an obligation towards nature which sustains us, and towards our children who have the right to live their future in a clean healthy environment.

I feel particularly strongly the duty as a land development entrepreneur who makes a living from building residential land development to offer in my turn as much as I can on two axes.

1. The cleaning of useless objects mainly packages, plastics, tins and others which are used for a few minutes of personal enjoyment that some unconscious people throw into the nature which is polluted for many years, since many of them take more than 20 years to completely dissolve if they dissolve of course.

2. The tree-planting of green spaces resulting from the separation of building plots or lands which have a water supply.

Recently on a plot that our company Newzoe Developers divided into building plots, lands for which a green space permit of approximately 1800 square meters was granted, our permit required only 12 trees to be planted in all.

For the above reasons, we cleaned the land of useless discarded packaging last Saturday at the beach of Ormidia, PETRINO location, and planted 110 new trees.

I believe that for every 520 meter plot covered with cement, at least 10 new trees should be planted in another area.

Everyone from his own position and with his own possibilities, many or few, can offer something.

We don't need to wait for relevant government departments to do something or demand monetary compensation to volunteer for the environment.

There is automatically with our action a large profit which we collect. Improving the air we breathe, and educating our children and grandchildren to respect the environment and themselves.

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