The "Larnaca of tomorrow" comes from the future

The "Larnaca of tomorrow" comes from the future

The "Larnaca of tomorrow" comes from the future

In an area of 400 thousand square meters will "unfold" the Larnaca of tomorrow, which aspires to become one of the most attractive areas of Cyprus for tourist, business and residential development.

The vision and architectural approach of the "Larnaka Land of Tomorrow" project, which will be created in the area from which the oil and gas facilities were moved, was presented on Monday by the Petrolina Group. This is one of the largest private deployments ever undertaken in Cyprus and especially in a coastal area. The effort will have the stamp of one of the largest architectural firms in the world, the award-winning Foster + Partners, which collaborates with UDS Architects and Delfi Partners & Co, which has the role of coordinator.

What caused great satisfaction to the actors of Larnaca, is that at least in the space occupied by the Petrolina Group, which has the lion's share of the area, it is not planned to erect towers or very tall buildings, with the emphasis being given to green development and unhindered public access to the 2.5 km of coastal front that will be released.

8 thousand jobs

Presenting the grandiose plans for the area, Foster + Partners' Senior Partner, Ben Scott, noted that the completion of the project will create eight thousand jobs and eight thousand new homes. In addition, 20 thousand trees will be planted, many of which will be close to the beach, pedestrian streets, bicycle paths, shops, offices, as well as dining areas will be created. In the plan is also the creation of an impressive museum, in a shape reminiscent of a gas installation, in order to preserve the memory of the industrial character that the area had until recently.

The main source of inspiration for the creation of the vision of the "land of tomorrow", was, according to Mr. Scott, the rich history of Larnaca with the main elements that define it. "Our ambition for the Land of Tomorrow masterplan is to create a landmark development that will be an extension of the city by preserving and enhancing its most important features. The heritage of Larnaca, the natural environment and the relationship with the sea are key elements that were included in it. The aim of the Land of Tomorrow is to create a new, sustainable, mixed-use coastal development, which will be the catalyst for further revitalization of the city and the wider area". He also stressed that the overall design of the masterplan is guided by the strict environmental and ecological approach, sustainability, the dominance of green and open spaces, access to modern infrastructure, as well as the connection with the surrounding areas.

The executive CEO of the Petrolina Group, Dinos Lefkaritis, spoke of a historic presentation, stating that the "Land of Tomorrow" will be a point of reference for both Larnaca and Cyprus, attracting young people and businesses from everywhere. "This is what Larnaca deserves, which is why we have invested in a strong team of partners, for the realization of our legacy to the next generations", he noted.

Expressing his satisfaction for the "Land of Tomorrow", the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Costas Koumis, said that this project is not only very large and remarkable but is also a project that moves within the framework of sustainable development. "We also share the vision of the Petrolina Group to attempt to turn the city of Larnaca into perhaps the best city in Cyprus."

For his part, the mayor of Larnaca, expressing his satisfaction, said that the project fully coincides with the vision of the Municipality for the development of the city. The presentation took place at the Petrolina Group headquarters in Larnaca, in the presence of many state and local officials. The attendees were then given a tour of the area where the project will be developed.

According to information from "F", the next step is the costing of the project that will amount to many tens of millions of euros. By May, moreover, the company plans to submit the masterplan and the first applications to the Department of Urban Planning. It is noted that public works are also planned in the area that will exceed €100 million. and include, among other things, the recovery of part of the beach. In the next twenty-four hours, moreover, the Seveso directive is expected to come to an end, which will officially pave the way for the development of the region.


Flagship projects by Foster + Partners

The fact that "Land of Tomorrow" bears the signature of the British house Foster + Partners, is in itself enough to demonstrate the size and gravity of the project planned. The famous office was created by the award-winning architect Norman Foster, who is described as the "Mozart of modernism". He has associated his office name with some of the most iconic works in the world.

Among them are the curved Gerkin Tower in London, the Hirst Tower in Manhattan, the famous Miyo Bridge in France and the offices of giant companies such as HSBC in Hong Kong and Apple in California. The office also prepared the impressive masterplan of the hellinikon project.


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